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Marketing & selling new homes for forward-thinking builders and developers in Northern California and Nevada.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2008 – yes we know that was the worst time to start a company in the home building industry – NEXT was designed from the very start to do things differently. Our years in the business taught us that the market needed something different. Home builders needed a comprehensive, yet flexible alternative to marketing and selling their homes. Home buyer’s demanded something different in the homes they wanted to buy. Put those two together and NEXT was designed to help builders meet their internal goals, while truly connecting with today’s home buyers.

Christopher Brown, MIRM, CSP
Christopher Brown, MIRM, CSPPrincipal | Broker | Creative Evangelist
Award winning, 20+ year home building industry veteran, focused on bringing fresh & innovative ideas to new home marketing and sales. Christopher focuses on leading the creative and operations sides of NEXT.
Scott Bolli, CSP, CMP
Scott Bolli, CSP, CMPPrincipal | Sales Guru
30+ year home building industry veteran who doesn’t think like a 30-year industry veteran by innovating and enlightening sales operations. Scott focuses on leading the sales and training operations at NEXT.
We build and manage high-performing sales teams. If you’re currently looking to be part of a company that loves new homes and breaking the mold, then we want to talk to you. Don’t send us a resume – it probably sucks anyways. Contact us and tell us more about you.
Alan Morte
Alan MorteData Scientist
Alan assesses how our clients work and understands their needs, then creates technical solutions that are attractive and engaging which positively impact the user experience for NEXT clients.
Curtis Morte
Curtis MorteSoftware Architect
Curtis is a computer scientist with Silicon Valley experience in designing and deploying enterprise and medium sized business applications. He creates high-performing and aesthetically pleasing marketing applications and software at NEXT.
Wally Hix
Wally HixTechnology Evangelist
With a diverse background in business, consumer marketing and user experience design, Wally is unafraid to break from convention. At NEXT, he is passionately involved in the technology of marketing and his expertise lies in transforming emerging technology into engaging products and information for everyday users.

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