New Home Aerial Video 2016-10-26T10:51:56+00:00

As one of the first companies in Northern California to use remote aerial video platforms (drones), we’ve tried to stay on the cutting edge of this technology and the regulations it brings.

Our NEXT HeliCam offers a unique perspective of projects and homes that we just can’t reproduce with any other technology. Check out a small sampling of some of our work.

If you need a unique perspective on your new development contact us today to discuss your needs. We look forward to helping.

360 Degree Camera

Test video of our new 360Fly Camera. This amazing technology allows us to film a 360 degree shot and allow the user to turn the camera where they wnat to look. Click on the video to start and click and hold your mouse to move the camera anywhere you’d like. We’ll have more videos using this technology coming soon.

Fiddyment 360

This was a test shot of GDB Communities new project in Fiddyment. It was the first flight of our new 360Fly camera.

Fiddyment Development Promo

Promo video produced as the first in a series for GBD Communities’ new project off Fiddyment in West Roseville. The first video was a promo for them to use as they marketed the lots. Subsequent videos will be progress shots.